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Carring on the philosophy of “ we provide hight quality production, you posess great values”, Chang Zhou Xin He Jiu Composite Materials Technology Co.,LTD has developed into a professional manufactuer of composite materials sheets which has 4 prduction lines and imported italy, the annual production capacity has increased to 10000 tons.
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  • Company profile
    Our products have good reputation among our customers.
    Technology Superiority
    • smoke density: 60~70
      Oxygen index: 24~36
      -40 C impact strength : above 20Kma
      Smell grade: grade 3
      Mould proof: grade 0
      Antibacterial: 99.9%
      Corrosion resistance: excellent
      Stain resistance: excellent
    Eight Major Product Series
    • we are now able to provide eight major product series, including functional ABS sheet, multi-layer co-extruded ABS/PMMA sheet, extreme-weather-resistant plastic sheet, good-function composite sheet, etc. We can meet the diverse needs of customers.
    Laboratory and R & D Team
    • We have laboratory and R & D team, which can carry out smoke density, oxygen index, impact, tensile and UV weathering and other tests on the products, so as to ensure the stability of product quality and the research and development of new products.
    Service and Support
    • Professional technical team provides pre-sales consultation and after-sales support.
    Our products can be widely used in automobile, aviation, sanitary ware, train, refrigerator and other fields.
      We have been cooperating with Xinhejiu for more than ten years, and the product quality and service are very good. Actively cooperate with our company in the research and development of various new products, jointly negotiate the product feature requirements, constantly adjust the formula, conduct self inspection and third-party testing, and give great support to our new projects.
      Since we need to find new materials for our new project development, we have contacted Xinhejiu for a long time. After many communications between both parties, we have jointly confirmed the product performance requirements and developed samples for application. At the beginning, I was not satisfied with the application, and the finished products were defective. Therefore, xinhejiu sent engineers to the factory to watch the production application, and gave guidance to our company on dust removal measures on site. After that, the thickness of the product protective film was adjusted, and the product defects in the application process were successfully solved. The subsequent samples are applicable to all normal conditions, and the new product development of our company is also carried out smoothly.
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