acrylic plastic sheet factory explains the difference between acrylic plastic sheets and plastic sheets
 Nov 16, 2022|View:339

As an acrylic plastic sheet factory, objectively speaking, acrylic plastic sheets and plastic sheets are different, so you need to have a general understanding of them before you buy them to better decide which one you need to use. So what are the differences between acrylic plastic sheets and plastic sheets?

acrylic plastic sheet factory

1. Different materials

acrylic plastic sheet, also known as plexiglass, is made of acrylic plastic sheet factorywith extrusion, and the price is slightly higher. The plastic sheet, on the other hand, is a polymer that can change shape according to demand. The main component is resin, as well as stabilizers, lubricants, etc.

2. Differences in appearance

The acrylic plastic sheet is more transparent than glass. The colors of the plastic sheet are dull and not as vibrant as the acrylic plastic sheet. acrylic plastic sheet has more colors and is brighter.

3. Brightness and smoothness are different

The smoothness of the acrylic plastic sheet produced by the acrylic plastic sheet factoryis good, and the luster is bright and crystal clear under the light. However, the plastic sheet is less smooth, and rough and does not shine in the light.

4. Strength differences

The strength of the acrylic plastic sheet is slightly higher and it is not easily deformed and bent. Whereas plastic sheet is weaker and will bend a lot if it is slightly folded.

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