Notes and advantages of acrylic sheet for laser engraving when engraving
 Nov 03, 2022|View:389

With the development of technology in society, a variety of exquisite materials entered the public eye, and acrylic sheet is one of them. Acrylic, chemically known as polymethyl methacrylate, also known as organic glass, is favoured by the majority of users because it has the advantages of very high light transmission, not being fragile, as well as easy to dye, and easy to process, etc. acrylic sheet for laser engraving are often carved into a variety of shapes, for crafts, outdoor advertising, cover, aquarium, ceiling partitions and other different purposes.

acrylic sheet for laser engraving

1. As the specifications of acrylic sheets for laser engraving are generally large, you need to use tools to cut them into the right size.

(1) using a hook knife to cut acrylic sheets for laser engraving. When cutting to half with the hand, directly break the acrylic plate. The disadvantage of this process is the large chipped edge, the need for further grinding later, the thickness of the plate requirements, and the cutting of special shapes, such as curved ones, that are not easy to one-step.

(2) the use of saws for cutting, but the speed can not be too fast so as not to melt the deformation of acrylic due to friction caused by overheating.

(3) The advantage of milling cutter cutting is that you can cut for a specific shape, have a good kerf effect, and have high efficiency, but easy to cause some wear and tear.

2. At present, precision laser engraving is processing acrylic sheets for laser engraving. An ideal processing method, with a professional control system, for acrylic sheets for laser engraving for high-precision automated processing, whether efficiency or quality is very high, is one of the most advanced processing methods today. Acrylic sheet for laser engraving with the following main advantages.

(1) good quality engraving: narrow width of the cut, high precision, good surface roughness of the cut. The cut generally does not require secondary processing and can be welded.

(2) Fast engraving speed.

(3) intelligent: equipped with precision engraving control card equipment, you can quickly adjust the engraving parameters through the board and software, seamlessly switch the processing mode and processing content, and have an intelligent and high degree of automation.

These are the considerations and advantages of the acrylic plate for laser engraving in engraving. Thank you for reading!