Acrylic plastic sheet factory to teach you familiar with the characteristics of acrylic sheet and processing technology
 Oct 20, 2022|View:256

Acrylic plate from methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA-RRB- polymerization, that is, PMMA plate plexiglass, is a special process of plexiglass "Plastic queen" reputation.

acrylic sheet

Today, the development of acrylic plates has been ten years, and the technology has matured. Being familiar with the characteristics of this material and processing technology will make your purchase convenient. As a professional acrylic plastic sheet factory, below we will give you a detailed explanation.

Fristly,Characteristic of the acrylic board:

1. Strong anti-aging ability;

2. Surface strength and surface smoothness ;

3. Good heat resistance;

4. Low cost;

5. Waste can be recycled;

6. Easy to clean up and maintain.

Secondly,processing technology of acrylic board:

1. Carving. Generally, adopt the way of back carving, explained down from the front of the sculpture, the rearview;

2. Cut. The acrylic is very easy to cut, and if it's not too demanding, it doesn't need to be polished afterward.;

3. Clean Up. After carving, clean the surface directly with a damp rag;

4. Colouring. The color paste is usually used for coloring.

Today acrylic sheet is widely used in our lives, combined with creative design so that acrylic materials have been perfect in a variety of popular boutique.