Acrylic plastic sheet factory to teach you the application of PMMA Plastic Sheet
 Oct 18, 2022|View:254

As a new type of material in the new era industry, PMMA sheet has been widely used in many fields for its excellent light transmittance, heat resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, etc. . As an experienced acrylic plastic sheet factory, will take you to understand the application of this material in various fields.First of all, in the construction and construction fields, because of its excellent toughness and high UV resistance, PMMA is widely used in door and window profiles, canopies, panels, exterior wall design, etc...

Acrylic plastic sheet factory

Second, the acrylic plastic sheet factory explains that, in the lighting field, PMMA plates are used to design LED lights that help to emit light to a limited extent. It is also used in lamp construction due to its transparency and optical properties.

Third, in automobiles and transportation, in the vehicle, PMMA plates for car windows, internal and external panels, fenders, etc., but also applied to the motorcycle windshield. Supplementary notes from acrylic plastic sheet factory,colored acrylic panels are also used for automotive indicator lampshades, indoor lampshades, etc. . PMMA is also used in ships (salt tolerance) and aviation. PMMA also opens up new design possibilities for carmakers due to its excellent acoustic properties, formability, and excellent surface hardness.

Fourth, in health and wellness, PMMA is pure and clean, so it is used to make incubators, drug-testing equipment, and storage cabinets for hospitals and research laboratories. In addition, PMMA can be used as dental fillers and bone cement due to its high Biocompatibility.

Finally, in the field of furniture, PMMA provides transparency, toughness, aesthetics, and other special properties, that can be molded into any shape, for chairs, tables, kitchen cabinets, bowls, placemats, and other items, is the best choice.