Acrylic plastic sheet factory teaches you the quality of the acrylic plastic sheet
 Aug 18, 2022|View:213

The acrylic plastic sheetis a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastic sheet with excellent comprehensive properties. It has been used in various industries. Professional acrylic plastic sheet factory can produce acrylic plastic sheets suitable for different scenarios. In order to guarantee the quality of acrylic plastic sheets, we need to identify the quality of acrylic plastic sheets, mainly from the following five aspects.

Acrylic plastic sheet factory

1. Quality inspection: a good acrylic plastic sheet factory will usually provide samples and actual products. You can check them against the color and some related parameters, and it is very easy to identify.

2. Fire Detection: a good acrylic plastic sheet is non-flammable and does not produce an unpleasant smell during processing.

3. Thickness Detection: an important feature of acrylic plastic sheets is their thickness, which is a key factor.

4. Soft adhesive edge detection: the new acrylic plastic sheet and good materials have soft adhesive edge packaging, and an acrylic plastic sheet factory in order to prevent friction use of this process. So this can be used as a way to distinguish between recycled materials and new panels.

5. Transmittance test: when the acrylic plastic sheet is irradiated with white light, the transmitted light is very pure, with no yellowing or bluing, and the transmittance is higher.

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